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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A visit to Yanchep National Park

On the 9th March, being a public holiday, we decided to take a drive northwards to explore the region. Aboout half an hours drive north of Joondalup lies the Yanchep National Park. We were very pleasantly surprised - it has a large dam, rolling lawns and leafy trees to laze under. There are a number of things to do, like the aboriginal tour, the koala walkway, have tea at the Chocolate Drops tearoom, lunch at the Yanchep Inn or hiking and caving for the more energetic. The birdlife is awesome!

Mandurah Crab Festival

Al, Josh and I caught up with Dave and Karen Freemantle in Mandurah for the celebration of the annual crab festival. Stupidly, we never tried the crab, but had a lot of fun anyway. Mandurah is about 60km south of Perth city.It has some of the most expensive property in the country, with huge mansions on the extensive canals. We caught a train there and back, very relaxing! As a town, it has much character and charm! The Freemantles proved excellent guides!

Angus Buchan in Perth

Al and the boys went to a men's conference just outside of Perth. Angus Buchan, well-known in South Africa, has a special ministry for men and has always attracted large crowds. The last conference in SA hosted 60 000 men. The Ozzies seem to like him too!

Al and the guys from Northshore church got roped in as crew and it was Al's job to usher Angus through the crowds after a long and tiring session with the men.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Breakfast at Hillarys Harbour

This morning we met Fudge and Rose at Hillarys Harbour. We had breakfast at Hippo Creek, a South African-owned restaurant. Very up-market! Gourmet meals! The harbour is a lovely complex of shops,stalls, boardwalk, restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlours. There is a beach and picnic area within the harbour, popular with families as the swimming is safe and calm. There is also a funfair and supertubes. It was a very pleasant way to spend a saturday morning. The Browns are always good company, besides the fact that Al instantly regresses to age 15 in Fudge's presence!

We will definitely be doing this when Mom comes over!

The Skatepark.Check it out, Robbie!

We have a skatepark round the corner and Josh takes himself off, all to often, to try out the ramps on his bike. The skatepark is part of a communal facility with sports fields and clubhouse adjoining a small shopping complex. Last weekend they had a bmx and skateboarding event at the park which was well attended.

Chris' 18th Birthday

On the 12th February Chris celebrated his 1st adult birthday and his 1st birthday in Australia! We can't believe our little Borgachov is grown up! He was very spoilt and, as it seems to be a tradition now in the Bushney family, received a car from Dad and Mom. The whole Bushney bunch went out to dinner at a quaint restaurant on the coast at Trigg Beach.We were joined by Cass, a very lively friend of Kirsty and Laura. Chris had a lovely surprise when he received a GPS from Gus, Patsy and cousins! Just the perfect gift for a newcomer in Perth! Thanks for all the wellwishes and presents from abroad too!
After a lovely meal, we headed off for ice creams at Hillarys Harbour.


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