Monday, February 9, 2009


Being very much occupied with my course, I left all the schooling arrangements to Alistair - not an easy thing to do as I always handled this area. However, I was very impressed. Al got them into school, selected subjects and bought the uniforms and stationary as well!

Josh goes to Kinross Primary, a short walk away. The school is from pre-primary to grade 5. So Josh is in the senior class of the school, grade 5. The teachers and principal are very helpful and friendly and the school has a good reputation. The fees for the year amount to $60. The middle school could not take Mike because they were full, but we got him into Quinn's Baptist College, a private school. As an international student, the fees are quite steep - around $10 000 for the year. However, with a 456 Business Short stay visa, local rates are payable which works out to around $ 3000 for the year. Although I don't have the 457 visa as yet, the school is going to charge us international rates until my visa comes through and then reduce the fees accordingly.

Mike is in a class of 8 students, so no daydreaming for him anymore! His subjects are English, Maths, Career and Enterprise studies, Workbased Learning, Materials and Design and Physical Education Studies.

School is from 8.30am to 3pm. They have uniforms, Mike's school is quite strict but at Josh's school they are allowed to wear any shoes with their uniforms and some of the boys have quite long hair.

Chris has to have his SA schooling assessed for Australian equivalence, then he is going to approach a Training and Further Education(TAFE) college to do an appreticeship, but he can do a wide range of courses from grade 10 to 12 subjects and other trade subjects.

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