Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our Arrival

The last month or so in SA was mainly saying our goodbyes to everyone. It was very emotional but so great to be with you all. We did a trip to Jhb and Durban as well. One of the hardest things to do was putting our Duke down. In the end we knew it would be the kindest thing. Advertisements of Duffy in the paper proved fruitless AND thinking we might have to put him down AND not being able to face it, I took matters into my own hands. Not expecting to find him a place in quarantine, I phoned anyway and was directed to a new facility, they had a cancellation and within days, Duffy was flying up to Jhb - all 64kgs of him! We will only get to have him back in July!! Thanks to Colin and Linda for the dog box and the memorable lift to the airport!
Leaving Cape Town was unbelievably difficult having spent a lovely Christmas with Nicky, Duncan and boys. A great sadness was the loss of Aunty Val just before Christmas. And don't even talk about having to say goodbye to Mom!
Our last day in SA was spent on the Vaal River with Les, Yvonne, Craig and Graeme. Al's oldest friend Neville and family joined us.
Another goodbye at Jhb International, feeling very sad that Graeme wasn't joining us. We look forward to the visits in the New Year though from our nearest and dearest!
I had primed the boys that the SAA flight was very basic,no personal TV's, etc so when we boarded, they were pleasantly surprised to find they each had a TV. A whole night of movies, games and rounds of drinks and food was too good to be true for Josh who made a point of complimenting the air steward on a great flight and great service.
We had a wonderful welcome at Perth International from the Ozzie Bushneys, although we were not a very lively bunch after the flight.
We had arrived - full of expectation!

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