Friday, February 6, 2009


To all our family and friends that may be interested in what has become of us since we left African shores - this is for you!
In Oz, if you would like to stick your nose into somebody's business you are labelled a "Sticky Beak", hence the title of this blog. I hope the information you find here will be interesting and possibly entertaining but mostly it will be a record of our journey to Far, Far Away. You are always in our thoughts and we miss you.
Chez in Oz

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To go or not to go? That is the question that has plagued our family for years. Throwing all fears and caution aside, Ali and I did a rekkie of Perth and decided to make the break! The team was headed by a very enthusiastic Chris who squashed any doubt or indecision by threatening to go on his own if need be! It was by no means an easy decision as both Ali and I had to make heart-wrenching decisions to leave our most loved family members behind!Always hoping they will follow, though! So, on the 26th December 2008, our family flew to 'greener pastures'.